Weather related postponements

Nov. 19, 2018

As stated in our Regulations:

"Games will be considered for very short notice postponement only due to bad weather and/or unforeseen circumstances. The common definitions for bad weather will be due to heavy snowfall causing dangerous road conditions, freezing rain, etc. Cold weather/wind chill is not considered a reason to postpone a game with short notice, and will not be accepted. Normally these requests will be considered for approval only if they are within 24 hours of game time. The Notice of Game Change form is required for these situations, and the Tier or Senior Governor must be contacted by phone in order to give approval." 

It goes without saying, but I am saying it anyway, managers MUST talk to one another as soon as the decision to postpone due to weather is made. The host needs to be given consideration to contact their referees, their arena, their team, and anyone else affected by the postponement. A last minute postponement due to weather is a part of playing hockey in the winter. The governor, senior governor, and or member of the league executive have the authority to decide if any cost recovery is valid for lost ice and referee fees. In most cases, there is no charge to the visiting team.  

Note - all league scheduled games that cannot be played as scheduled should be postponements.  Cancellations are not done unless authorized by an Executive Member or President Randy Mak.  A Cancellation, with no intention of making up the game, is a forfeit and comes with fines and other consequences for the team and association.  


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